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Love Addiction

What is Love Addiction?

Love Addiction is as common nowadays as it is hard to recognise. That is mainly because pop-culture has been teaching us, for decades, that life cannot be complete until we find our better half and that, when we do, we must go out of our way to keep them. This kind of single-minded perspective can lead to destructive patterns of behaviour such as co-dependency, low self-esteem, fear of abandonment, panic attacks and anxiousness.

Spending an excessive amount of time and effort on people who are neglecting you is one of the main characteristics of love addiction. There’s also a recurrence in falling in love with people who fail to return affection and are emotionally unavailable, also called Avoidant partners. The challenge of getting such a person’s attention triggers a high in the mind of the love addict. Moreover, even if the person addicted to love knows that the relationship is toxic for them, they will stay either way, due to the fear of abandonment and loneliness.Love Addiction

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Cause Of Love Addiction

Causes & Symptoms

Love Addiction

Causes Of

Love Addiction

Love Addiction has many underlying causes that are both complex and, maybe, even hard to pin down. However, most psychologists agree on the fact that the vast majority of love addictions’ causes can be tracked down to the early childhood. The explanation is quite simple. In this period, we begin to build our sense of the world and our sense of self. Thus, the relationship with our caregivers is fundamental in the construction of our core beliefs, values, self-perception and ability to form relationships. The dynamics of our relationships in early childhood will tend to try to recreate itself in our adult life.

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Symptoms Of

Love Addiction

As any addiction, love addiction displays its own set of symptoms that interfere with the quality of the affected person’s life. Among the most common ones, there are self-neglect, distorted thoughts, fantasy love stories related to feelings and relationships.

Love addicted people tend to fall in love very easily and quickly, while they mistake the intensity of sexual passion with true feelings of love and intimacy. They usually pursue partners who are either emotionally unavailable or demand a great deal of attention.

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Love Addiction


Although it might seem as an unsolvable maze, love addiction does have a way out. The recovery is based on the willingness to admit you are suffering from an addiction. Your treatment will assist you in assessing whether or not you suffer from the condition by taking a love addiction/co-dependency quiz. Like many other addictions, love addiction treatment aims to control the obsessive urges, compulsive behaviours and co-dependency feelings and help people learn how to engage in healthy relationships.

The first step of the treatment is to uncover the underlying causes of the addictive behaviour, which can range from childhood abandonment issues, childhood neglect, childhood traumas, a combination of these or other intimacy related problems.

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